While many schools have moved to embrace student-use of wireless technology in the learning environment, there are still those that prohibit student-use of wireless devices or phones during class time. For those schools that strictly prohibit wireless devices, students are able to submit a report on a school desktop. However, many of schools still allow the use or wireless devices at lunch, between classes, and during extracurricular activities. Even when a student’s opportunity to report bullying or other school-safety related matters is limited, The BullyBøx allows for them to submit a report at their first available opportunity. The BullyBøx makes reporting easy, at any time, from any place.
Yes, indeed! While The BullyBøx, by name, is centered on the reporting of bullying-related behaviors, it is designed to facilitate the reporting of any school-safety issues. Whether its physical, emotional, or cyberbullying, The BullyBøx provides students a means by which to safely and anonymously report the incident(s). In the same manner, students have a safe and anonymous manner by which to report issues such as pre-planned fights, weapons on the school campus, drug dealing/use, or any other issues related to school safety. There exists no limits on the types of reports that can be submitted via The BullyBøx.
Between our launch in 2015 and up until 2021, The BullyBox was priced at $500 per school per year. However, as we've grown, we've realized that the best way to keep students safe is to make the app free to schools and students. Rather than sales to schools, we now rely on grants to fund our expenses.

That said, we are now free to schools. Creating an account will full-functionality is quick, easy and free! There's no reason not to sign up here.
When a report is submitted, our AI system will read the description and make a determination whether or not the report requires immediate attention. For example, a report involving a school shooting threat or an active fight will trigger this feature.

The alert will come as an automated phone call to the account administrator. Other faculty members can also choose to receive these calls if they want to be notified of safety concerns immediately. A secondary text message can also be sent to each opted-in faculty member.
Anonymous reporting is the only reporting format that significantly reduces the risk of social stigma that so often attaches to student-reporters. Victims often legitimately fear that their situation will only worsen if their report becomes public knowledge. Likewise, many students will be less likely to serve as “up-standers” when they fear retaliation, or being labeled as a “snitch”. That being said, the possibility of receiving false/fictitious reports can never be completely eliminated. However, in most cases, false reports will quickly and easily be ferreted out by a minor administrative investigation.

The BullyBøx has several key features that work to guard against false reporting: First, any profanity entered into any reporting field, with the exception of the “description” field, will be flagged as a false report. Secondly, The BullyBox development team is working on extending our AI system to detect and flag spam reports. While these reports won't be removed from the admin dashboard, they will be flagged to make looking over them easier. Most false reports will be quickly invalidated through the initial investigatory efforts made by administrators.

Finally, speaking with law enforcement, they have shared that some of the most viable tips or reports received by law enforcement agencies are received from anonymous sources. Police agencies regularly follow-up or investigate anonymous tips.
Most definitely! The BullyBøx is not intended, nor is it purported, to serve as a “cure-all” for all things related to bullying or other school-safety issues. Rather, The BullyBøx is intended to serve as a conduit of information, providing students with a voice to be heard. It is incumbent upon school administrators, or other designated personnel, to fully investigate every reported incident. Key players should be interviewed, in an attempt to determine the validity of the report, as well as the appropriate course of action to be taken. Most any false/fraudulent reports will be quickly invalidated during the initial investigatory process.
The Investigations Tool is intended to serve as the only data management system that you will ever need for recording, analyzing, and managing bully-related incidents. This tool will allow you to track real data such as: location, frequency, day, time, gender, grade level, etc. Such data will provide valuable insight into who is engaging in bullying behavior, as well as when and where. The tool also allows you to attach your investigate notes, as well as the final disposition to a reported incident. Summary reports can easily be created. By utilizing the data analysis web-tool, you will be better positioned to objectively review school policies and effectively allocate personnel resources, in an effort to minimize bullying-related behavior in your school building.
Upon initially implementing The BullyBøx, schools may experience a slight increase in the number of reports generated. Newly acquired access to an anonymous reporting platform may provide students who have been previously suffering from the effects of bullying, the ability to report their problems. In addition, there will undoubtedly be a certain “novelty” associated with the introduction of any new software that is made available to students. However over time, any short-term increase in reporting will level off. In the end, the workload placed on administrators is often significantly reduced, in large part due to the Investigation Tool. Utilizing data analytics, administrators will have the tools necessary to review, modify, and improve upon strategies that will have a positive effect on the school environment.
The BullyBøx is available on both iPhone and Android platforms. This includes phones, iPads, iPod Touch, and nearly all tablets. However, for those students who may not have access to a wireless device, reports can still be submitted on any desktop computer that has internet capability. Reports can be submitted at app.bullybox.org/report
Research tells us that physical bullying generally peaks in middle school, while verbal bullying tends to peak in high school. Whether the reports are related to bullying or any other school-safety issues, The BullyBøx will provide students a safe an anonymous method of reporting, regardless of their grade level. However, we feel that The BullyBøx is best suited for junior high and high school students. This is based upon the likelihood that students of these ages will have greater access to wireless devices.